Diabetes Case Study

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Besides this, insulin pumps are not more effective than injections at helping people with type 1 diabetes control their blood sugar levels and people with type 2 diabetes can control their glucose level by following a healthy meal plan and losing excess weight and by taking medications. The medications will often change during the course of the disease for each person. Insulin also is usually used with type 2 diabetes to control glycaemia (National Diabetes statistics report, 2014). The people have sufficient training could be highly beneficial, if they receive full training to self-manage their condition. The regardless of setting, communicating the information and skills for supporting that are mandatory to promote effective coping and …show more content…

Diabetes is a costly disease for the sector of the health care, at personal and at societal level. The diabetes care cost is very expensive. Once people develop diabetes, in developing countries such as India are not able to provide effective care to control it and prevent its complications leading to premature deaths. The cost of care is increases many folds when complications occur or when hospital admission, surgery or insulin treatment is necessary. Due to the high economic burden on the patients, and families, people tend to avoid health care leading to severe morbidities and early mortality. The study shows that the annual median expenditure by patients on diabetes care is Rs. 10,000 in urban and Rs. 6,300 in rural areas in India. The 25-35% spends by low-income group of their annual income on diabetes management (R Ambady, 2013, p. 2). The Indian people lack the financial resources to follow the kind of diet needed to keep their diabetes in check. There is no any comprehensive health care programme in India. People take medical care from different health care providers. The experts need to advocate for more affordable food, better access to medications and supplies, and more community services to assist lower-income people to prevent and treat diabetes. In addition, The Indian government has build up a vast infrastructure of rural health services based on primary health centres

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