Diabetes Home Care Research Paper

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Home Care and Managing Diabetes

Having diabetes is not easy, and being a senior with diabetes can add extra challenges. If your senior loved one is facing this difficult challenge, know they are not alone. There are close to 26 million Americans with diabetes and there are more seniors with this disease that any other demographic. In fact, nearly 1 in 4 seniors over the age of 60 has diabetes.

Most seniors have what is called Type 2 diabetes. With this form of diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin to manage the body's sugar intake or it no longer uses the insulin it does make, properly.

The risks of diabetes, especially in seniors, are serious. In addition to the direct complication of elevated blood sugar, diabetes can lead …show more content…

They not only have diabetes, but they also have osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, or other mobility issue or pain factor that they are dealing with. Home care associates are able to assist your senior loved one with their food choices, the preparation of nutritious, diabetic-friendly meals, and even the shopping.

Smoking is bad for everybody and increases the risks of numerous severe medical conditions. For seniors with diabetes, smoking dramatically increases the risk of heart disease and vision loss. Smoking cessation and the avoidance of second-hand smoke is a critical element of controlling senior diabetes and its complications. Home care aides can help your loved one get to support groups, make good choices, find alternative activities, and provide emotional support.

Perhaps the greatest thing a senior with diabetes can do is increase their physical activity. Not only does this help keep the weight down, but it makes it easier to keep blood glucose levels down, regulates blood pressure, helps lower cholesterol levels, and lowers stress and stress-related problems. Many times seniors are afraid to exercise because they are afraid of falling. Home care personnel can provide the support and assistance needed to increase their feelings of safety and

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