Diabetes Outline For Research Paper

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Objective 1: Define diabetes. Objective 2: Explain diabetes and its epidemiology to peers. Objective 3: Describe signs and symptoms of diabetes. Objective 4: Explain the biochemical cause of diabetes and its effects on health. Objective 5: Discuss various risks of diabetes. Objective 6: Identify one’s susceptibility to diabetes. Objective 7: Model behaviors that will help reduce the risks. Objective 8: Compare and contrast different prevention measures. Objective 9: Evaluate and prioritize different treatment methods for varying degrees of diabetes. 1. Role modeling will be applied to my course on diabetes. As a healthcare professional and teacher, I have the opportunity to foster a positive learning environment and to motivate my …show more content…

I will be implementing role modeling to Objectives 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. In all of these objectives, learners will be able to model the facilitator’s interpersonal skills and learn to communicate with peers about the topic. 3. The advantages to role modeling include: a positive role model who will help instill appropriate behaviors; students will be able to reflect on their lifestyles; and students will develop their interpersonal skills by communicating with peers who come from various backgrounds. However, some disadvantages include: the learner’s previous attitudes and behaviors may conflict with new behaviors demonstrated; learners may only practice appropriate behavior during class instruction; and the instructor may improperly modeling behaviors to learners. 4. The learners consists of adults who have a basic understanding of biology and chemistry. Learners will also have a basic knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle choices. The learning objectives will be presented increasing in difficulty, allowing learners to build on their previous knowledge. As an instructor, I prefer to present material and allow learners to discuss and model behaviors. Because the course will be offered and take place at a community classroom, learners will vary in range; therefore, learners will be able to develop their interpersonal skills by communicating with other learners from different backgrounds. As a result, learners will be utilizing all three domains: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor

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