Diageo Case Study

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This paper dwell on a case study of Diageo’s Global Branding in some part of Africa with focus on the challenges experienced with the strategies employed and the new approach evolved with changing the strategies, limitations experienced towards its actions.

Key words: Diageo’s Global Branding, its marketing strategies, Africa penetration, mass production, challenges and consequences.

Overview of Diageo’s Global Branding in Africa

Diageo plc is a British multinational alcoholic beverage company that produces and distributes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The company headquarter located in London, UK with a revenue base of 15.64 Billion (GBP) and 30,400 workforce worldwide. As a custodian of the most world iconic drinks, its brands include: Malta Guinness, Black Label, Smirnoff, Johnnie walker, Captain Morgan, Windsor, JB, Cîroc and Baileys just to mention but a few. The world’s largest distiller of malting, brewing until it was overhauled by China’s Kweichow Moutai in 2017. The name of its chief Executive officer is Ivan Menezes and its president (Deirde Mahlan).

In Africa today, Diageo has categorized its markets into four, East Africa, Africa Region Markets, Nigeria markets and South Africa markets with 13% net sales. Its existence in Africa paved way for its leadership role in beverages industry with a 25.6% market share. (Forbes,2017).

by 73% agricultural materials source in Africa, most materials is locally used for its Africa markets and over 10

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