Dialogue Between Jenny And Paul Short Story

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One day jenny and paul we sitting on the couch in the living room and paul turned to jenny and said I got you a present.
Jenny said what is it?
I don't know paul exclaimed.
How do you not know jenny said
Paul said well I do but you'll have to guess
Why do I have to guess jenny said.
Just do it paul said. It will be fun
Okay jenny said Is it a car?
NO said paul
Is it a cat? Asked jenny.
Even better than that said paul
Okay i give up said jenny
Okay said paul i got you a new keychain
You got me a keychain exclaimed jenny
Yes said paul as he handed the keychain to jenny
Jenny said I love it as she looked at the keychain that was engraved a heart around jenny and pauls name.
Oh great said Paul I was so worried.
I also got you a present said jenny
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Its amazing
Do you like it
I love it and I love you
Oh paul jenny exclaimed
I can't believe you got me the gold plated revolver
I would do anything for you paul
Anything said paul
Anything said jenny
Then paul got down on one knee
Will you marry me said paul
Jenny gasped and said paul
He said yes jenny
I can’t marry you said jenny
Why not said Paul
We have been dating for two months paul
Soo what said paul thats a long time
I hardly even know you paul
Well my name is paul and i love you
How do you know you love me exclaimed jenny
I love the way you look,talk,breath,smell,laugh,and I love your smile said paul
Is that all said jenny
No said paul
What else?
I love watching you sleep and the look you get on your face when you see christmas ornaments
Oh paul
Jenny I knew since the first time I laid my eyes on you that you were the one.
Paul I like you alot but i think we should wait a couple of months
Okay jenny
Paul you are a super nice guy and I adore you and your presence.
Its okay jenny paul said I will wait as long as i have too as long as in the end I have you by my side
Paul your an amzing peson and i cant wait for a future with you\
Me too said paul and I love
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