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Dialysis Experiment: Diffusion of Polar and Non-Polar Substances

It was hypothesized that if the solution is polar, then it will diffuse through the dialysis bag. All five solutions of starch, albumin, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, and glucose were placed inside of a dialysis bag, which was then placed in a culture dish filled with distilled water. After waiting 60 minutes, for the solutions to escape the bag, the distilled water was tested for all five solutions through individual tests of iodine, Benedict's Reagent, NaOh and CuSo4, and silver nitrate. Whichever tests responded positively was which solution left the dialysis bag. It was predicted that if the substance was polar, then it would secrete through the bag,
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The solvent on the outside of the dialysis bag was distilled water, which can diffuse into the dialysis bag through aquaporins. Thus, diffuse can occur in two directions, water diffused in and glucose and sodium chloride diffused out.
Molecules diffuse in the direction that has the least amount of that type, trying to reach an equilibrium. Which results that not all molecules cross the membrane due to pressure, if they all attempted to diffuse at once. Diffusion requires work on the part of the cell, non-polar molecules diffuse on their own, however, polar molecules require assistance through the help of a transport protein.
If sodium ions had been tested in the experiment, they would not have diffused through the dialysis bag because they require active transport and would draw water out.
Possible areas for error in this experiment are adding the same amount of each solution to the dialysis bag, not giving some solutions enough time to diffuse, not securing the ends of the bag tight enough, and the amount of reagents while testing can result in error. If you add more amount of one solution than the others, that may allow it to dissolve more rapidly, skewing the results. If enough time was not given for some solutions, such as glucose to diffuse, then it would have concluded that only sodium chloride can escape the bag. If the secures on the ends of the dialysis bag are not tight enough, solution can

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