Diet And Exercise Analysis Presentation

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Kyle Anderson
September 19, 2014

Week One Goal Statement
My current health and fitness is at the peak. I am a professional cyclist, I train anywhere from 10-35 hours week doing a minimum of 150 mile every week. With doing that much training my nutrient intake is critical to how I preform in all of that training and racing. On a heavy training week I’m burning around 5000-7500 calories a day, so replacing that is critical and if its fast food and junk I will be sluggish and unable to preform at max effort.
Currently I don’t have any health or fitness concerns. Although in the future I will be interesting to see how I adapt to not training that much anymore but still having the desire to eat that much food.
A goal I do have for
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I do happen to have a weakness for ice cream though. I plan to cut all sweets out of my diet, and then replace those lost calories with healthy alternatives like fruits and vegetable which will give me more vitamins and minerals. Also by cutting the sweets out I will lower my body fat percentage to where I would like it to be.
• To achieve the fitness goals I will have to combine them with my health goals and get my body in even better shape. I am currently around ten thousand miles with the biggest mileage months a head of me. • If I want to best my current longs day of riding I will really need to have proper nutrition as that is what cut it short last time I went for it. I burned 6800 calories in the seven hour ride and only took in 2000 calories. So taking in more calories will make it easier to stay on the bike longer and not fatigue as fast.

• Possible set backs are not sticking to the diet I set in place for myself and the cutting of sweets. If I continue to eat the sweets and have wasted calories I wont be able to cut the fat I want to cut. Along with that I wont be able to ride as well as
I wont have proper fuel, but instead I’ll have junk food fueling me which makes you feel lethargic.

Measurable Outcomes
• In order to measure if I am successful in my goals I will be able to see how many miles I ride and if I meet my 15,000 mile goal I am successful.
• To measure if I meet my body fat goal I can take skin fold test to see what
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