Diet and Nutrition on the World

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REFLECTION Diet and nutrition have a way of affecting health in a variety of ways. It also has a way of affecting the life one leads. At the start of the semester, it was a preconceived idea that people across the country had, for the most part, enough food to live to sustainable life. This notion has since been set by the way side as it has changed drastically. It has come to my attention that many people across the United States (and even countries worldwide for that matter) do not have enough food to live on daily. Throughout this semester, it has become known that there is a plethora of nutrition assistance programs in place to help those who might not be receiving adequate amounts of food. Some of these programs include the…show more content…
Easy access to water and other fluids are essential as dehydration is common among this age group. All things considered, nutrition for the aging population is hard to manage, but never impossible. Special care and screenings can be provided to make sure all elders receive the food and nourishment that they need to live long prosperous lives. Human behavior, culture, health beliefs, and/or social attitudes can affect Americans’ dietary choices and their overall reactions in a variety of ways, both positively and negatively. After a long day of work, it is normal to feel hungry as one has an empty stomach. Social events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even birthday parties go against the normal “hunger mechanism” as appetite is stimulated based on the gathering rather than an empty stomach. It is during these times when our culture gives us permission to eat more than usual or what would normally be considered “off limits”. Consequently, they react to food differently during these times as they feel it is a special occasion and all is allowed. Aside from social gatherings, many Americans’ have adopted the “fast-food culture” mentality. Here Americans’ prefer and even choose highly processed, high caloric fast food items that provide instant gratification without much nutrient density. This way of eating affects their dietary choices as many lead either sedentary lifestyles or
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