Nutrition and Health as a Dietian

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I became fascinated by the connections between nutrition and health at the age of sixteen. My family has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes and sickle cell. I was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia at a young age and spent periods of my childhood in and out of hospital. During my most serious sickle cell crisis, I met a dietitian who explained to me the connection between my diet and my disease. She changed my perspective on eating for the better, which sparked my ambition to aim for a career in Dietetics and Nutrition within the NHS, so that I can replicate this experience for others. My A-level subject choices have provided the academic foundations that will allow me to access this career. In Biology, I enjoyed developing my knowledge about the significant role nutrition plays in keeping our bodies healthy. The link between Psychology and my chosen degree is clear; as diet has a psychological impact on individuals and vice versa, as seen mostly in eating disorders. Sociology has enlightened me with the knowledge that the demographic of an individual, such as their social class, has an impact on their health regime. Studying Chemistry at AS-level has enabled me to gain proficient laboratory skills, which I am eager to develop. These subjects have given me the opportunity to develop my written communication and evaluation skills, which I am excited to put to use during undergraduate studies. Taking a proactive role in broadening my knowledge, I prepared an

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