Difference Between Action Research And Action Learning

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7. The difference between Action Learning and other action based techniques Action learning, in contrast to action research, focuses on the learning and the action does not require the extension of new knowledge in a theoretical sense. In action learning the participants select some issues, analyze them, take some action and say on that action, while Action research is a process by which change and understanding can be pursued at the one time. It is usually described as cyclic, with action and critical reflection taking place in turn. It is commonly done by a group of people, though sometimes people use it to improve their practice. It has been used often in the field of education for this purpose. It is not unusual for there to be someone …show more content…

The use of a team with a common project or problem leads to an action learning program which looks remarkably like action research.
There were also some differences, on average, in field of application. Action learning was more often used in organisational settings. Action research more common in community and educational settings. Both action research and action learning may be compared to experiential learning. It can be described as a process of learning from experience. The experience can be something which is taking place, or more often is set up for the occasion by a trainer or facilitator. Clearly, both action research and action learning are about learning from experience. The experience is usually drawn from some task assumed by a person or team.
Action learning and research involve action and reflection on that action and have learning as one of their goals. As experiential learning is the basis for both the learning part of both action learning and action research.
You could also say that both action learning and action research are intended to improve practice. Action research intends to introduce some change; action learning uses some intended change as a vehicle for learning through

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