Difference Between Cocoa And Cacao

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Cacao, not cocoa. Cocoa, not cacao. What ??!! Yes, it may sound alike to you, but both are different & unique when it comes to nutrition, taste, and cost. So, probably you’re now uncertain and thinking which of these two should you buy to make your dessert! No worries, you can check out these differences in this post and decide which one you want. After reading this post, you can make a well-informed, choco-licious decision for life! First, What It Is The Cacao Powder? It is the dried fatty seeds of a South American evergreen tree, which are partially fermented. In very scientific terms, it is the Theobroma cacao of the family Sterculiaceae. Of course, they are used in making cocoa butter, cocoa, & chocolate. Also, they are called cocoa bean or cacao bean. Theobroma cacao also …show more content…

Do you believe that you can eat cacao beans raw? Yes! However, they have a very bitter taste of chocolate. The taste also varies depending on the growing conditions of the cacao beans (sunlight, soil, etc.) & the cacao tree. Usually, the beans are fermented and dried before undergoing any processing to ensure good quality. The processing steps are determining whether the beans become cocoa or cacao. They start from the same place, but the processing makes all the difference. If you’re a chocolate lover, I bet you already know that cacao and cocoa are available in many forms in the market: powder, nibs, butter, chips, and chocolate bars (the list goes on, but I’m just naming a few of the most popular chocolate forms). Cacao butter, from its name, is made from the cacao bean fattiest part. Like most butter, it is white and has a rich, fatty texture. It definitely tastes and looks like white chocolate, and you can use it while baking desserts or even as a moisturizer for dry skin (especially

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