Difference Between Leadership And Management

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It seems leadership and management are used often in articles or conversations to mean the “same” style or same individual when using leader versus manager. However, there are just as many articles or conversations where there is a drastic difference between the two. I believe it could be seen as confusing because many individuals use both styles. The individual has to observe his or her followers, realize the work environment and have a clear understanding of the vision for the goal. Nevertheless, there are individuals who do not possess both styles or have the ability to use both styles. The main difference between leadership and management is the way in which the two styles are used to complete a task, motivate people and the process used to achieve a goal. There is a clear difference between the two. Leadership and Management When we reflect on what a leader and manager is, we most often use the same connotation. Nonetheless the meaning is different. At the same time, they differ in a number of respects though they are necessary abilities, talents and skills that go hand in hand. Management is the style used where someone is accountable for giving directions and controlling the work and staff of an organization or business, or of a department within the organization. Management is a style where the subordinates do as they are told. Leadership is the style where someone has the ability or charisma to whom which people will follow, somebody who guides or directs
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