Difference Between Uxi And Ux

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Looking for a one-liner and easy to understand 'difference between UI and UX design'? Just so you know, you have stumbled upon just the right source.
In a layman language, UX is the experience that a person has as they interact with your product and UI is basically the look and feel of the product.
Ofcourse this is the simplest version of the UX and UI definition and is giving a very limited view of the subject. And obviously for a detailed version, one will have to dive in deep.
Let's understand it in bits and pieces first.
What is UX?
The technical definition given by Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen says, “The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother. Next, comes simplicity and elegance that produce products that are a joy to own, a joy to use.
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What’s the difference between UI and UX?
Go through the take of various influencers on the subject.
1. Ken Norton – Partner at Google Ventures, Ex-Product Manager at Google
“Start with a problem we’d like to solve. UX design is focused on anything that affects the user’s journey to solve that problem, positive or negative, both on-screen and off. UI design is focused on how the product’s surfaces look and function. The user interface is the only piece of that journey. I like the restaurant analogy I’ve heard others use: UI is the table, chair, plate, glass, and utensils. UX is everything from the food, to the service, parking, lighting, and music.”

2. Andy Budd – Co-founder of Clearleft, Founder of UX London

“Common logic would suggest that, if you design the UI, and a person experiences a product through the UI, that makes you a User Experience Designer. However, this would also imply that designing your own home makes you an architect, and fixing a tap makes you a
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