Difference Between Working Class And Poor Mothers

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For working class and poor mothers, intensive mothering and consumerism are still equally linked to their view of themselves as good mothers. The only difference between working class and poor mothers versus middle and upper class women is that the working class/poor have to work harder to attain the ‘good’ mother status. According to Takseva (2014), “Children can be used as an object of display conferring the desired social status” (p.224) and, “Membership in a group is often defined through the purchasing of goods and services” (p.225). Therefore, mothers who do not present their children in the ‘best’ clothes or toys are seen as ‘bad’ mothers, so mothers of the lower classes have to work harder to ascribe their children the same status as the children in upper classes. Many working-class mothers experience guilt that due to the lack of financial resources they are not being good mothers because they cannot provide their children with the same life chances that they would if they had more money (Takseva, 2014, p.227). These mothers find alternative strategies to define themselves as good mothers such as knowing where and when to shop for bargains, and actively engaging their children into understanding what products can/cannot be purchased so that they have realistic expectations (Takseva, 2014, p.227). However, on the other extreme intensive mothering is so prevalent in today’s society that, “Parents will go against their better judgment about budgets, in the case of

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