Differences Between Business Letters and Social Letters

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Elements of Business Letters
Elements of Business Letters

This chapter deals with the definition of business letters, differences between business letters and social letters, elements of business letters, styles or forms of business letters, punctuation styles, and C’s of business letter writing.


Business letters, as the term suggests, are letters used for business purposes. These purposes are to sell, to buy, and to promote business relationships. Ordinarily, they are written by people who intend to effect business transactions, by people whose ultimate goal is to prosper in business and industry.

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Arsenio Dizon, our neighbor.

Based on the attached photocopy of the land title and the map designed by the geodetic engineer who resurveyed our lot, Mr. Dizon extended his house to occupy the lot which belongs to us. The marker that was placed on the corner where our lot extends was removed. For several years, we have been telling him to demolish that part of his house which extended to our lot, but he did not do anything about it. For the past three or more years after his tenants left, he turned that portion (the extension) of his apartment into a huge garbage dumpsite. Just recently, our neighbors and my family complained about the foul smell of the dumpsite that the barangay captain ordered us to remove the garbage and to put a fence after the garbage removal. The order was made after Mr. Dizon asserted that the portion of his apartment which he turned into a dumpsite was not his. So we spent a big sum of money for the clean-up. However, seeing that the area (lot) is clean and is no longer stinking, he is once again claiming that it is his.

With this development, the barangay captain told us to secure a certification coming from your office to supplement the land title and the map which we presented to him. The certification will somehow help in expediting the barangay captain’s approval of our application to construct a house on the vacant
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