Differences Between Chinese Medicine And Western Medicine

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On the Development of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in China Today from the Differences between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Chinese medicine and Western medicine are two different branches of medical field, these two medical systems respectively originate in China and Europe. But with the introduction of Western medicine in China, the debate on the two has never stopped. In fact, Chinese medicine and Western medicine are completely different academic systems, the two in the theoretical basis, diagnostic methods, therapies, the nature of drugs, etc. are significantly different. Moreover, in the practice of modernday China, Chinese medicine and Western medicine binary coexist.
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Chinese medicine is to look, smell, ask, cut “four clinics” as the basic skills, and to complete the diagnosis process. While the Western medicine is the use of physical and chemical analysis, instrumentation and other modern science and technology as the main means of diagnosis. The former is through the phenomenon to see the essence of the method, that is, “view the shape of internal factors” observation method. The latter in addition to the diagnosis of symptoms, laboratory diagnosis, there are experimental diagnosis, X-ray diagnosis, electrocardiogram and ultrasound and radioactive nuclear element scanning diagnosis, involving bacteriology, cytology, serology, immunology, parasites and other aspects complex check. So it is clear that their diagnosis means is not the same. Thirdly, the treatment of Chinese medicine and Western medicine is different. Chinese medicine is based on the overall concept and dialectical diagnosis and treatment as the basic characteristics, while Western medicine is to clear the local lesions for the purpose. Chinese medicine believes that the human body is an organic whole, the organs, tissues and organs are physically interrelated, interactively in pathology, interact in pharmacology, so only a disease caused by all diseases, and no disease caused by a disease of the theoretical roots. So it is clear that their treatment is not the …show more content…

In fact, Chinese medicine has been marginalized, and western medicine has become the status of mainstream medicine in China and world. But according to the statistics from World Health Organization, 4 billion people across the world use Chinese herbal medicine in their medical treatment, which account for 80% of the world population. “Being representative of purely natural medicine, Chinese medicine has become the medicine with the most promising future of development. Some well-known medicine companies in western countries, therefore, take advantage of the bountiful resource of Chinese medicine, plentiful TCM prescriptions of Chinese patent medicine without much sense of protecting their intellectual property rights, abundant resource of Chinese herbal medicine, and low-cost human resources in China, and trap all kinds of technical hindrance to prevent Chinese patent medicine in China from entering international markets to compete; while at the same time, the western companies import from China the low-priced raw materials of Chinese medicine, and then after the processing and selling the products labeled with their own brands, they gain huge amount of profits from the international market and even back in China.” (Zhou, abstract) So, in the face of this situation, China has been reviving traditional Chinese medicine since the 1970s. In order to revitalize traditional Chinese

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