Differences Between Inequality And Class Differences

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This essay question asks to discuss some of the ways in which differences and inequalities persist over time. This indicates that they are not fixed, but forever changing, and caused in different ways by people and society. Therefore, the essay will choose two of the three strands studied, those being ‘Making Lives’, ‘Connecting Lives’ and ‘Ordering Lives’. The essay will first define what the meaning of the words ‘Inequality’ and ‘Differences’ are. It will then use two strands Making Lives and Ordering Lives and discuss how they persist over time and will look particularly at economic inequality, homelessness and class differences. Concluding that the whole world is effected by continuing inequalities and differences, which is only getting worse.
What is ‘Inequality? ‘it’s definition ‘The unequal distribution of valued social resources within a society or between societies’ (Blakeley & Staples, (2014 ) p13, 25). Thus it is the unequal opportunities, between how people get access to money, education, health care and other such commodities and whereby some have more and some less, thus causing an inequality within society. ‘Differences’ is defined in different ways depending on the subject, it can mean ‘the degree to which one person or thing differs from another.’ or ‘the state or relation of being different; ‘or ‘a significant change in or effect on a situation’ (Dictionary.com, 2016) but simply put it describes how, why, people and things are different from one another.…
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