Differences Of Education In The Working Class

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Do you think your school system prepared you enough for the workforce you want to pursue. Their is a correlation between an area's income to education. Those in the working class have different attitudes of teaching children compared to the elite class. There are four types of schools based on income, working, middle, upper, and elite class. The attitudes these classes give toward knowledge and work teaching their students for the working class is teach information because it is required, middle-class is to learn how to get right answer and not understand why it's correct, upper class teaches material and children know why they are learning, and the elite class prepares students to be quality hard workers who stand by their work.
In the working class the type of work is following procedure. Teachers rarely explain why the work is being done such as if it is connected to other assignments or what the purpose of the activity is. Teachers often do not take advantage to the provided textbooks, thus not getting the best education as possible if resources are not being used. The attitude toward teaching the students are to show them how to solve problem, but with no explanation of why the material is important, and why solving problem works in that order. The teacher of this class was helping a student with a math two-digit division problem and was showing an alternate method without explaining that it is a different way, “At this point a girl said that she had a faster way to do

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