Self Esteem Definition Essay

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Current Issues states that “self-esteem refers to the confidence and satisfaction in [themselves]” (Macmillan 2003). In other words, Current Issues says that self-esteem is made up of confidence and satisfaction in yourself. The definition of self-esteem isn’t constant from person to person because everyone is different. Sixteen year old Breft Greenberg says, “I think it’s your confidence in yourself and your abilities” (Arbetter 1996). This shows that his definition can be different than the ‘true’ definition, but it is still correct in his heart. Another person believes that self-esteem is knowing you are worthy of love. There are many different definitions to describe self-esteem and they all tie into each other. Some of them are more in depth than others and others are vague.
Close friends can boost one’s self-esteem, but peer pressure can lower one’s self-esteem. Parents and teachers should be boosting one’s self-esteem, but this is not always the case. Some students think that if a teacher gives them a bad grade it is because the teacher doesn’t like them. This will definitely lower their self-esteem. Guilford continues by saying, “students [should be taught] how to accept their natural body shape and size” (Kellahan 2013). Guilford is saying that people should learn to accept themselves and not what others think of them. Students should be taught how to accept themselves as students so they grow up confident in themselves. Something that can help this is teachers
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