The Importance Of Self Esteem

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Scope of goals and objectives If you spend your life doing nothing, it doesn’t matter what kind of esteem you have. One of the factors that influence self esteem is what you achieve with your existence. The goals and objectives you set for yourself. How often and in what manner you challenge yourself. Attention received We all love to belong and when we are accepted as part of a group, our esteem surges. When people accept and respect you, you are likely to develop a high self esteem and vice versa. You shouldn’t pay attention to yourself only if you want people to pay attention to you as well. Childhood Have you ever heard the saying, “the boy is the man?” if you have, then you understand why childhood plays a vital role in shaping your self esteem. The good news is that if your childhood helped you build a great self esteem, you can continue to maintain it but if it’s a low self esteem, as you grow, you can subject yourself to positive feeders that will help you restore a healthy sense of self. Society Societal pressures, standards and expectations have largely contributed to low self esteem. There is a definition for who is beautiful, who is successful, who is smart, when you should marry, when you should get a job and so many other things that make life difficult for people. Media The media is the amplifier for societal influences and we are all addicted to it one way or the other. The social media in particular has helped to raise anxiety and depression which is

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