Different Groups Of A Corporation

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3 different group of audiences that I created for this visualizations are (a) the Executives, the board of directors; (b) the senior managers or immediate managers; and (c) recruiters or interns.
Within a corporation, these would be the group of personals who would be interested in their workforce demographics. The data used for this exercise is the employee performance, this data includes the people’s roles and positions, their ages, and etc. The first group of audience are the executives and the board of directors, they are the decision maker and the group of people who determine the future of a corporation. From their perspective, they would be interested to know which group within their company are making the most income, which group of people or which department are costing the most, or the average age of the people who are working for their corporation. From this visualization above, this bar chart shows that the sales executive group are the people with the highest monthly income, while the sales representative are the group of people with the lowest income. The sales representative group are probably group of people who makes their income based upon the number of sales they made. From the above chart as well, the executives group will also see that their Human Resources personals are making just as much as the sales representatives, chances are they will be asking why. A bar chart is utilized for this presentation to this group of audience because it is

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