Different Levels Of Assessments Have Been Selected

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Three different levels of assessments have been selected to assess Tama in specific language domains. These assessments identify skills that a child has or does not in particular areas of communication. Information from the referral suggests that the semantic and pragmatic domains require investigation of Tama’s current language skills and whether they are typical for a child of 4 years 2 months.
Assessment Tools
MacArthur-Bates Communicative Developmental Inventories (CDI)-words and sentences is a level one standardised parent report. Reports with a parent “who know a child well can provide a wealth of information to supplement our direct clinical assessment” (Paul, & Norbury, 2012, p. 44). The report is divided into two parts. Part I ‘Words child use’ and part II ‘Sentences and grammar’. The CDI targets current and emerging behaviours and the focus of this assessment is on the semantic domain for vocabulary size and sentence types because of the parental concerns about expressive language. In the report there are standard instructions about the completion of each section.
To engage the parent, suggestion for the report to be readily available when Tama uses language most frequently. In part I the vocabulary checklist is an indication of the words that Tama produces from 22 semantic categories (Fenson et al. 2007). Typically at the age of 24 months a child’s expressive vocabulary size is 200-300 words and should be putting these words into simple sentences (Paul, &

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