Different Methods Of Assessment At University Education

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As an increasing number of students are studying at university level which has become a common topic for discussion today. More and more researchers pay close attention to this as well as the forms or methods of assessment. Universities across the globe have a variety of methods. Different methods of assessment accomplish distinct aims, and students should be tested with different forms of assessments according to their learning styles. This essay will discuss whether there should be greater flexibility in forms or methods of assessment at university education.
The aims of education
Education is the most important and effective way to help individuals develop and socially progress. People establish their own concept of the
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Education has provided people with equal opportunities to appreciate and understand this world with their own thought, concerning the beauty of nature, and comprehension of past experiences, which they can analyse and find a solution.

The aims of university education are to develop students’ skills for learning and assist them to immerse themselves deeply in society (Swain, 2011). Generally, people learn the basic problem-solving skills in kindergarten, but due to the expectations of the future, such as having a better quality of life, they intend to go to university to master life and job related skills. In the early stages of university, students are expected to learn the professional knowledge in the field they study in, and in the final year, university will give students opportunities to apply for the internship at popular companies or organisations. Those work experiences will have beneficial effects on the students’ career development and help them to adapt to society easier after graduation.
Various forms or methods of assessment achieve different purpose
1. Traditional written assessments:
Most universities use traditional written assessments as methods to evaluate students’ learning outcomes, including open-book and closed-book final exams, essays and reports. Those methods always help students gain speculative knowledge and practical skills which are necessary for them to master and promote their writing ability. As an example, open-book and
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