Different Opinions Of The Perfect Child Essay

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There are many different opinions of the perfect child. I do not have a child, but I do know how I want my child to be raised. I want three or four children, so raising my children to be perfect is going to be a challenge. I want to be able to look at my children when I am older and see what a great job I have done of raising my child to be perfect. Raising a child is a big commitment, the parent should want to make something of their kids.
The perfect child to me is being obedient, helping others out, always being there for their friends and family, and most importantly, respect. There are many other ways a child can be perfect, but those are the ones that stand out to me. I want my children to be obedient and know their boundaries. I want to be a laid back parent, I am going to trust them until they give me a reason not too. I want my child not to be scared by helping someone in need, some individuals need help, they are not as fortunate as others. Giving a friend ten dollars for gas money is an example of helping someone in need. It is not much, but it is the thought that counts. Their friend will look back on that day and will always remember and appreciate what a kind act that was. Family is key to me, I can only hope my children think the same. Family is always going to be there for you, always gonna pick you up when you fall. You can always count on your family. Respect is what stands out to me the most, respect is something in today 's time does not come
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