Methods Used In Employee Evaluation: Eastern Medicine Company

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Analysis of Methods Used in Employee Evaluation Different organizations use various methods of employee appraisal methods. Employee evaluation is critical since it helps an organization determine whether it is making progress or not (Lyster & Arthur, 2007). Furthermore, employee evaluation helps in evaluating how the employees have been contributing towards the organizational goals and objectives. The following is an analysis of the assessment method used in the Eastern Medicine Company; Rating Scales Eastern Medicine Company uses the rating scales whereby the organization’s employee’s performances rated against a given scale. The rating method of employee appraisal helps the management determine which area the examination will evaluate (Lyster & Arthur, 2007). For instance, the examination can be used to evaluate the teamwork, reliability, job skills and communication skills. The appraisal is used to assess the collaboration of the workforce in the various department, job skills of each employee are evaluated against the developed scale and the communication amongst employees and with their superiors. Strengths It saves time since the scale is already developed it is a matter of ticking against the preferred rating per employee. Therefore the personnel conducting the employee appraisal using this method to don’t spend much time recording for one worker. The evaluation method is not very costly since it only requires printed materials and a pen or pencil to tick the

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