Pros And Cons Of Employee Evaluation

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Evaluation system is done to review the worker’s performance of the job. Many organizations do the evaluation systems regularly (once a year or quarterly). Evaluation systems must be done often in order to remind employee that they have to do their duties, responsibilities and there are expectations of them in the workplace. An evaluation system is when a manager and employee meet and review the employee’s performance within the job; it also looks at employee’s performance intention and company’s priorities. For many employees this process might be terrifying, because this is when employee receives the feedback that may make employee feel like they are being put in front of a judicial group. In addition, evaluation system looks at the employee’s goals and objectives that were being achieved, looks that needs to be…show more content…
Employee evaluation looks at the productivity, quality, performance, efficiency and effectiveness of employees’ work. In addition, organization must look at the strengths and weaknesses of employee; evaluation system can help with finding strengths and weaknesses. By finding the pros and cons of employee work, employers can better match employee qualification and ability to job assignments. So, it is very important to have an employee evaluation because it plays a very valuable role in the organization, it helps to assign right employees for the right job. Employee training and development also plays important role in evaluation system. Evaluating employees’ strong and weak points is the first thing in deciding which type of training employee needs. Training is an activity purposed for improving and developing the performance, skills or help employee to gain new and specific knowledge that needed for his/her
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