Different Types Of The Mind : The Human, Animal, And Mechanical Theory

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The mind is made up of numerous classes of procedures that can be studied empirically; this paper will limit this field to psychology. There are three different types of the mind: the human, animal, and the mechanic. The human mind is the paradigm of the mind; the mechanical mind exists as a challenge to materialism or mind-brain identity theory. This leads to the anti-materialist argument: intelligence is made up of levels of mental processes in which the mind is the genus and intelligence is a species of this genus. Intelligence is the ability to solve problems, and like the mind, human intelligence is the paradigm of the intelligence. There are different types of intelligence listed as follows: human, animal, and mechanical. Meanwhile, John Searle believes that it’s possible to maintain a sharp distinction between syntax and semantics, this theory is known as the Chinese Room argument. Dualism exists in the brain-mind problem as a defense of the existence of the brain-mental, physical-mental, and non-physical-mental processes. In most cases intelligence has been thought to be the most important quality of humans, but freedom (the world of volitions) is considered a more specific quality of humans.
Concept of Mind
Despite long philosophical tradition, it is important to emphasize that the mind is not a “substance.” If the mind were thought of a substance, its study would be…
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