Different Ways A Person Can Lean And Remember Information

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In regards to the Parker’s learning style profile and “Explanation,” I have become aware of the different ways a person can lean and remember information. It explains the concepts of learning and outcomes, we were asked to complete a task of inputting our own range of learning styles into his calculated model of learning styles, entitled, “I learn and remember best by…” This is a great way for teachers to effectively communicate to understand the diversity of the student body. Instead of taking an approach based on the curriculum with a one- size-fits-all approach, the text shows us why it is a necessity that we improve our teaching strategies with a much more sophisticated sense of how to drive and provide fulfillment to all students …show more content…

This category illustrates the skill of compiling and interpretation of data, or the manipulation of factual material. This shows me that I am capable of learning in different styles, but I am most comfortable when having people around to share the learning experience with. I am excited to have a balance in my learning styles. I often enjoy reading through materials and seeing the results come together.


After reading the dependent and independent learning styles I am shocked to discover that I am more dependent than independent. I scored fifty- seven percent in the dependent area. This shows that I prefer precise learning instructions. I tend to do better with objective type of assessment. I scored forty- seven percent the independent area. I really thought that I was more independent than dependent. I think that I might have change over time because I have been involved in a lot of team work activities in my career field. So this assessment let me know that I work more effective when I am in control of the learning instruction and atmosphere. I am very organized in my learning process. I feel that all thigs required order and that one can get more down when there is organization and a well-defined description of the goal that we are working towards.

Modalities The modalities that Parker discussed were auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Each of these show how

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