Digby Simulation

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All of our departments worked together towards our company goals. Although we were not the most profitable company in the market, we feel we had several areas of success in the simulation overall. Starting in the 2nd round our market share began to increase rapidly, showing impressive market control in the 3rd round and onward. As discussed previously, we feel this showed that we were succeeding in our bid to meet market demands. We also never suffered from a cash deficit or emergency loan, and showed profits in every round. Despite encouraging results in some aspects, however, we were also challenged in other areas. Particularly in early rounds, our contribution margin lagged while we strived to provide a high-tech product, as we were reticent to increase price due to concerns that …show more content…

During the earlier rounds, we were wary of increasing automation by too much due to the constant revisions made to our products, but as the company progresses, investment into automation would greatly increase our productivity. Along with automation, as Digby continues to dominate the high tech market, Production would also look into increasing capacity size in order to meet the increasing consumer demands. In terms of the human resource department, we would continue to invest heavily into recruitment spending, as well as investing in employee training hours. By continuing to invest in recruiting, we would continue to increase our productivity index and lower our turnover rate. Along with the benefits of having a recruiting budget, investment into training hours would also increase our profitability and decrease our turnover rate. In turn, by investing in these two areas we would lower our staffing costs and increase our overall profitability in the

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