Digging Deeper Into David Parrish’s Royal Chevy

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David Parrish’s painting “Royal Chevy” is an amazing work of art. Parrish father was brought up in an orphanage and then sent to live with his uncle. After a while of living there he moved out and joined the circus where he played tuba and rode motorcycles. There he met a woman and had a baby. That baby was David Parrish, who was brought up to know that his father was just a banker in Birmingham. After his father’s death he found out about how his father’s love for motorcycles. He decided to do a painting that his father would had loved. This inspired him to do the painting “Royal Chevy”. Parrish studied at the University of Alabama and after all of his hard work he graduated with a BFA. A little while later he went to New York City and decided he did not like the fast passed life so he moved back to Alabama and settled in Huntsville, where he got a job as a technical illustrator for NASA. He grew to learn how to use industrial and aeronautical machinery. In the 1970s, he began to use his expert draftsmanship in his artwork, painting heavily detailed images of motorcycles. When you look at the painting “Royal Chevy” you see a motorcycle with the shocks on the left side and the windshield in the center. When you actual look at it and examine the painting you see many more details. In the painting you see an , a shock, ignition switch, a black gas tank with red stripes, a yellow light cover, chrome handlebars, a foot rest, the number '81, the word "Chevys," and a speedometer.
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