Digital Images And The Digital Image

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In today’s world when whole world become digitized there is need not only to store and transmit data but security is also main concern i.e. transmission of data with high security. In earlier time there ware attempts to hide a message in trusted media so as to deliver it across the enemy territory[1]. In the modern time of digital communication, several methods are used for hiding information in any medium. There are many method one of such technique is steganography[2] in which digital images are used as a medium for hiding secret message or information in the form of various format such as digital images, video or audio file text file. The main goal of steganography is to increase communication security by inserting secret message into the digital image by modifying the pixels of the image which are not very essential. Another most reliable method of information security is cryptography The steganography is differ from cryptography in the way that cryptography main aim is to keeping the contents of a information secret, while steganography main focuses on keeping the existence of a information secret. The science of protecting information which is mainly in the form of plain text, by transforming it (encrypting it) into an unreadable format, which is known as cipher text. Cryptography is the study of changing information from its normal, comprehensible format into an incomprehensible format, rendering it unreadable without secret knowing secret information and is mainly
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