Dinosaur Article

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After reading the Dinosaur article I was able to gain a lot of information from it and relate it to many different situations in the business world today. Though this article was written over twenty years ago, it still has so much relevance in current businesses and business practices. This metaphorical story about two dinosaur brothers stuck in a world where a disaster has ruined their society and life, is very similar to the world that I live in. Moreover, many social issues, economic issues, and natural disasters can cause a shift in the world that demand for a change in business habits. As the world changes, demand and supply for certain products will change as well. In this article, one brother took a traditional approach to life and the other brother took a more innovative approach to life and the situations that he faced. They can be related to business owners that take a traditional or innovative approach when running their business. When running a business in a more traditional fashion, there are certain pros and cons about it, but I personally feel like there are a lot more cons about this method than pros. If the business owner is not cautious about the demands of their customers and the necessity to recreate their managerial style the business will easily fail. On the other hand, when running a business in a more innovative style, there are more successful business opportunities available for the company, and they will be more likely to survive in the changing

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