Directional Strategies

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Long Term Care: A Directional Strategies Report for Interim Healthcare, Inc. Group 6: Jessica Aho, Roger Brenz, Dale Bunton, Kadigah Chess MHA5010 Strategic Health Care Planning Instructor: Matthew Brooks Abstract This document will explore the directional strategies of Interim HealthCare Inc., a long term care facility located in Sunrise, Florida. Our team will analyze the existing stated directional strategies (mission, vision, values, and ethics statement) given by Interim HealthCare and then will offer suggestions of improvement to ensure a foundation necessary for the current strategies of the organization. Long Term Care: A Directional Strategies Report for Interim Healthcare, Inc. Introduction Interim HealthCare,…show more content…
5. Confirmation of the organization’s preferred self image. The manner in which the organization views itself may constitute uniqueness that should be included in the mission. 6. Specify the organization’s desired public image. The desire to be a “good citizen” or a leader in the community where its operations are located or a similar concern (Swayne, Duncan, Ginter, 2008, pp. 166-168). The mission statement of Interim HealthCare is cited below, which our team believes is poorly written and does not seem to support the purpose of end-of-life medical care. Their mission statement seems to fall way short of the key six components and makes promises that Interim HealthCare intends not to fulfill. For example, Interim HealthCare states that they will provide scholarships to families in need; however, scholarships depend on revenue and seem to be more of a sales pitch than a promise. Our Mission (Interim HealthCare, Old) Interim Healthcare promotes and supports end-of-life care and services through community education, fund-raising, prudent management of funds and conscientious disbursement of scholarships to patients in financial crisis. The hospice concept includes offering patients and family members specialized knowledge of medical care, spiritual and emotional support. The purpose of Interim HealthCare is to: 1. Advance the hospice concept of care for individuals facing end-of-life. 2. Promote an
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