Disability Rights And Civil Rights

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Arath Civil rights protect citizens from discrimination(Civil Rights for Kids Overview, 2017). Constitutional rights are now guaranteed for all U. S. citizens. Many of these rights were not available due to may setbacks. Race. color, owning of land, and other setbacks made is impossible to for many, until now. They provide the opportunity of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” (Declaration of Independence, 1776). They keep us protection from harm and give us rights many of us deserve as citizens. Free speech, baring arms, and the right to vote are all possible due to civil rights. It is because of people like Martin luther king Jr, Helen Keller, and Rosa Parks who made people aware of discrimination through activities like the March on Washington, Montgomery Bus Boycott, and the Little Rock Nine. These people fought for many rights due to the discrimination they have faced for a long time. Race, color, the right to vote, and other things are the what these people fought for. Disability rights became an issue after WWII (Civil Rights: Disability Rights movements, 2017). The goal the movement was to protect the rights of the disabled(Civil Rights: Disability Rights movements, 2017). Back then, after the second World War, many soldiers came back with with lost limbs. It soon became an issue as they could not perform many things that a regular human being can do, like work(Civil Rights: Disability Rights movements, 2017). Many laws began to pass so people with

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