Disadvantages Of Television

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According to Anthony (1991) as reported by James (n.d), television is a telecommunication system used worldwide for receiving and transmitting motion pictures with or without accompanying sound over a distance. Emanuel Akapan (1998) as cited by James (n.d) asserts that television as a telecommunication medium has added to the overall development in Nigeria and is still making a lot of impact on the economic, cultural, social and educational growth of the nation. He adds that television is the most effective modern tool of mass communication available to mankind. Onabajo (2005), states television is an important communication medium whose major aim is to influence the mission and behavior of people that receive its communicated symbols. It can be used to create awareness on topical issues while …show more content…

According to Onabajo in James (n.d), television’s effectiveness in aiding development derives from the following characteristics:
a) Television can present things as they really are through sight and hearing
b) Events can be shown as they are happening;
c) It can address both the literate and the illiterate with equal success and effectiveness
d) It can speak to the individual intimately, but also lends itself
e) It has both intellectual and emotional appeal. The Nigerian culture has been enhanced through the process of acculturation of European and American programs. Onabajo (2005) affirms in James (n.d) that television must ensure that only the right virtues are transmitted to viewers. The presence of too much western culture in telecasts should be checked as it could lead to cultural imperialism rather than cultural transformation. Television needs to guide against telecasting unusual culture and social activities to ensure the removal of barbaric entertainments (Onabajo 95).

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