Disaster Essay

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Disaster can be defined as “The occurrence of a sudden or major misfortune which disrupts the basic fabric and normal functioning of a society, or community.”
“An event or series of events which gives rise to casualties and/or damage or loss of property, infrastructure, essential services or means of livelihood on a scale which is beyond the normal capacity of the affected community’s ability to cope with out aid.”

According to UNISDR Disaster is defined as “A serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society causing widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses which exceed the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own
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Why and how disasters vary and have different impacts in different areas and situations? The answer lies in the degree of development of that particular area and situation. In developing countries development only works best when there is a strong need of development and there are volunteer leaders to work for their betterment. For example when an area is hit by a disaster and suffered great economic and social loss then the local people residents and governmental and nongovernmental organizations will start focusing their attention towards such area and situation and will start more and more developmental activities for the betterment and improvement of such area. The magnitude of the disaster cannot be helped but the after effects can be. The disaster disrupts the living and almost everything but it also gives them a chance to reconstruct better and in ways that they always wanted or desired. The current disaster just showed them where and what went wrong. The new ways and plans are to be more resistant than the last one. The developmental activities include activities such as awareness raising among the people by educating the people in order to have knowledge for future disasters. Preparedness, prevention and mitigation measures should be and are introduced in context of reconstruction, relocation, new investment in order to increase the coping capacity of a country
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