Disconnect Of Communication By Employers

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Disconnect of Communication by Employers: Evaluating the Aftermath of Technical Failures

Businesses have become extremely reliant on technology over the past few decades. Processes from accounting to marketing to board meetings are done using special applications and software developed to improve productivity as well as to shrink the distance between office locations. With the invention of computers for ease of day-to-day functions, to creating a global network that connects people around the world in seconds, the success or demise of a corporation can be determined by its digital components. An efficient, high-tech structure maintained by well-educated and skilled associates gives an organization the ability to perform more effectively, nationally and internationally. When system outages occur, tasks executed on the network cannot be completed, halting productivity and potentially costing the company financial loss. The speed of recovery in these instances is crucial, but so is the implementation itself. Inadequate handling of procedures and mediocre responses from leaders in a crisis situation involving network/technical failures can wreak havoc on an organization, negatively impacting public image, corporate profits and trust of associates.
From the time an outage begins, the business is at risk of adverse side effects beyond normal production. One of the most important initiatives of a company is to create a strong brand that produces a profit. Implementation

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