Discourse Community Research And Analysis

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Sara Mian
Paper 1 Discourse community research and analysis I have changed my discourse community to . I am fond of this discourse community more than has made a great influence on me and it interests me very much. This website gives me everything! It has great information about the hottest purses, style, fashion, and celebrity news. They have so much knowledge about my favorite designers such as Hermes and Chanel. Oh my-gosh, I’m so obsessed and I have fallen head over heels in love with this blog. I believe members of this community what they are doing is keeping up with the latest fashion trends in Paris and all over the world. The blog does
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Also, I believe it guides the members on how much to spend and knowledge on costs.
A specialized language which is used on the blog are French terms. Designer names are used and fashion related terms are used. Here is a little example: trendy, spring collection, winter collection, rouge, tote, Alexander McQueen, Fendi , etc. The communication function specialized language serves as a proper way to write and pronounce a sophisticated palette of words in a high society in addressing high end fashion and their designers.
The authority is a number of people who organize and run this website. Regarding some stuff I have seen posted, was done by Amanda Mull. I feel this website is controlled or highly influenced by private companies who have numerous workers who 's opinion is taken in consideration when purchasing, selling, and discussing what fashion is in. The old comers are the people who initially started the website. The new comers are employees that are hired to express and sell fashion. Any new members that subscribe are new comers. I have a feeling high end boutiques are getting customers that are members of this website. If a client is paying thousands of dollars for a Chanel or Hermes bag, I’m sure they probably pay this blog a fee for advertisement.
The fashion expert’s talk and the members listen and watch for their postings. If a member has great fashion advice to offer, it
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