Discrimination Against Bikers

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Natasha Quao
Critical Essay
Hum 115:4237
Helmet Laws Discriminate against Bikers by Stan Daniels
The title of the article is: “Helmet Laws Discriminate against Bikers” and it was written by Stab Daniels. The reports analyze the fairness of the helmet law that has been passed in various states regarding the use of helmets by motorcyclists or bikers within the roads in those respective states. According to the article, the law compels the bikers to always wear a helmet while on the roads for safety purposes because it is considered that they are at a significant risk if they do not have the helmets on. The position of the writer is that the decision of whether or not to have a helmet on should be left for the individual motorcyclist. He argues that one should have the freedom of choosing whether to wear a helmet because of the personal nature of the risk. The helmet law seems to be discriminative to the personal freedom of the bikers because cases of bikes being involved in an accident are …show more content…

However, the probability of road accidents occurring is not as high in the case of motorcycles as it is with buses or trucks. The writer is precise and clear in the manner he points out at facts and arguments he presents along for example on the personal nature of bikes usage which he says should be the reason why the decision should be left to individuals to make. The arguments presented in the article are logical, and the writer proves consistently that the helmet law seems to be unfair to the bikers. He uses different facts from statistical percentages of trends of accidents to logical comparisons of different cases such as golfers. The argument in the article can be considered to be complete because it is conclusive in its design and it is fair to the extent of the arguments

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