Discrimination Ruins

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Discrimination Ruins Our Nation
Out of every culture there’s a problem that still consists today and has been in effect for a while and that is racial discrimination. Culture, it’s how you live life, for instance my family is used to preparing food before everyone is home, it’s just something we do. One thing which is apart of our culture is that.If you still don’t understand what culture is imagine something you do with your family on a daily basis. That’s one of the things in your culture.The definition of culture is achievements you’ve done, Customs and your way of life. Why your culture may be different from somebody else’s is because of the customs about your culture, like saying goodbye might be something you don’t do but for somebody else it could be so common to them its automatic.Why cultures don’t accept each other and have it end with racism and discrimination can be from their culture being close or too different. To show how this happens there will be things like why discrimination happens, why it doesn’t happen and why we’re all the same.
Discrimination, it happens not because one is better but because one can’t accept the other.The main reason why discrimination happens is not from people just becoming racist but learning to become as they grow. When somebody is racist it usually passes down to their kids, it’s not their fault but it’s their parents. According to Kristina Olson, a Ph.D holder in psychology and is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and

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