Discuss the Role of the ICT (Information Communication Technology) in Implementing the E Government in Zimbabwe

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Discuss the role of the ICT (Information Communication Technology) in implementing the E Government in Zimbabwe.

Our country is experiencing a new industrial and technological revolution which is bringing about a significant, fast and extensive transformation of society and industry. The result of this revolution is that there is now a rapid increase in the processes of production and the transmission of goods and services produced. The ICT revolution is also encouraging new goods and services, changing the nature and organisation of work, replacing materials, resources, energy and land with information and knowledge as the principal factors of production. HISTORY OF INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (ICT)
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This has improved the service quality in business globally. The advent of ICT has empowered consumers to identify, customize and purchase at the same time for example tourism products and the support of globalization industry. One can enquire bills on line and pay for groceries online again which has increased the service quality in business. E-Government
The implementation of e-government strategies focusing on applications aimed at innovating and promoting transparency in public administrations and democratic processes, improving efficiency (allocation of resources, public goods) and strengthening relations with citizens. This type of e-government has improved the service quality in government sector as many government departments are now computerized. In addition the e-government connects citizens of different social, academic, political and cultural backgrounds. By so doing it builds external interactions especially between Zimbabwe and other countries in the global world. The e-government uses the ICTs in various ways such as to make the government more accountable, transparent and effective, maintenance of law and order in the country as well as in the facilitating in the electoral processes. One challenge that Zimbabwe faces in governance is the lack of engagement and communication between holders of public office and their constituents. This is fundamentally

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