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Disney Case Write up:

Disney from the start has had a competitive advantage to others in the film industry for the plain fact as Walt says, “Cartoons unlike actors can be perfectly controlled to avoid any negative imagery.” This statement is the key stone to how Disney has so successfully created value. Disney has pursued its corporate level strategy by maintaining the value of the brand, managing creativity, and encouraging synergy throughout the corporation.

Managing the Disney brand has become an increasingly difficult task since Walt’s death. Times have changed and it is becoming more difficult as Disney grows to stick to the “timeless family values” it was founded on as times become more controversial and sensitive social …show more content…

To facilitate synergy Eisner has opened up communication between the business units and help them work with each other and build bridges between divisions. This strategy is important for any large corporation however, will become more and more important as Disney expands into new businesses. If Synergy is facilitated correctly it can save cost overall and help the company to work together to achieve overall profits rather than as individuals.

* Licensed Mickey for the cover of a pencil tablet, first of many such licensing agreements * Disney worried about brand equity, therefore they only licensed its name to the “best companies” * Flat nonhierarchical organization, in which everyone, including Walt, used their first names and no one had titles * Walt emphasized teamwork, communication, and cooperation * 2 films per year * Buena Vista Distribution in 1953 ended distribution agreement. By eleiminating distribution fees, Disney could save one third of a films gross revenues. * Disney avoided paying exorbitant salaries by developing the studios own pool of talent. * 1954 Disneyland ABC produced, followed by Mickey Mouse Club * 1955 Disneyland opened, huge risk for the company paid off because of vision and commitment to excellence. It is a park for

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