Disney Pros And Cons

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Plussing can be defined in Disney speak as continual affort towards improvement. Walt Disney made it a staple in his parks to constantly improve Disney. He would go incognito and tour the park to find things that could be improved. This can be applied by the simple statement “If something can be made better, it’s done.” One should constantly be striving to make things better, if possible. Processes combine physical and human resources and create multiple outcomes, or deliveries. One must pay very close attention to the process in order to get the correct delivery, so that the correct quality of service can be provided. The book says that “Process is the engine of quality service” meaning, if the process is not correct, the quality service will…show more content…
When talking about wait times, the book mentioned how they figured out that entertaining their guests allowed them to peacefully wait longer. What a genius idea, keep their minds off of the fact that they are waiting, and it will seem like less time. This can be implemented in so many different ways in life. Weather it is that awkward wait time between a wedding and a reception, or waiting for church to start, or whatever wait time one may have to deal with, entertaining the guests will make the time go by faster for them. Another point to keeping guests happy is to have effective communication with them, if there is miscommunication there is more than likely going to be frustration. Providing resources to better guest experience is a good way to create a more steady flow in the delivery process.Although, the availability of the resources must be made known to guests. The last major point i pulled from this chapter was “debugging”. Debugging is when improving the service process and plussing are combined. Things like CHIP and The Magic Pouch are results of debugging. Disney assess what could be fixed and creates solutions for easier flow and better guest experience. I found this chapter a little harder to pull information from, but the points that i pulled i thought were very good life
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