Disney 's Corporate Strategy For Long Term

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The company is spread out all over the world, starting from consumer products, to their parks and resorts. This really makes their business highly known to everyone around the world. The producers were aiming to not only diversify their company, but to provide their customers with the highest quality image targeting families, expanding all over the world in places like Europe and Asia, advancing more and keeping up as technology advances over time, etc. This really helps catch the eyes of many consumers and setting out that 'dream come true ' image when people come to visit their park(s)/resort(s).

Question 2)
What is your assessment of the long-term attractiveness of the industries represented in Walt Disney Company 's business portfolio?
My assessment on Walt Disney 's company 's business portfolio long-term attractiveness is that it is very high in my opinion. The Walt Disney company is linked to many different industries that may include theme parks, customer merchandise, social media networks, studio entertainment, etc. All of these industries that Walt Disney 's company is linked to makes a lot of money for their business because the business is targeting everyone. Aside from all these industries they are linked too, Disney also owns many different channels such as Lifetime, ESPN, etc. Even through one may think that Disney 's amusement parks got the business where they are today, other industries like the one 's listed above gain them even more
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