Disney 's Ethical Conduct Comprises The Statement

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Disney’s ethical conduct comprises the statement, “We believe that acting in an ethical manner and with respect for human rights is core to being a good corporate citizen,” (The Walt Disney Company). They also say that they strive to follow the law in all means necessary and that their goals include the following: “disclose relevant citizenship information in a timely manner; integrate citizenship into the day to day decision making of leadership; engage with our stakeholders on a regular basis; integrate citizenship into the responsibilities of every Disney employee; and respect human rights within our operations,” (China Labor Watch). Instead of Disney actually running the factories themselves, they outsource factories all around the…show more content…
based Disney licensee, decided to shut it down altogether instead of just obliging the code of conducts which led to more than 2000 people suffering an immediate layoff. Disney publicly announced that the shutdown was due to the political instability level in Haiti and committed to staying silent so it wouldn’t get publicized. It then relocated to China (Disney’s Sad Sweatshop History). The Hung Hing, Yiuwah, and Nord Race are three factories in China that produce consumer products for Disney. Liu Pan, a 17 year old worker at Yiuwah, was crushed to death in 2009 by a paper crusher machine that he was operating. The machines being used were very old, outdated, and have no safety device besides the employee’s own cautiousness. Wounded accidents take place at these factories at a shockingly high rate. Everyone has to work on these machines day and night, including the children as young as 13 and the older workers up to 80 years old. One month after the accident, Disney responded by refusing to cease any new orders from Yiuwah until the conditions were approved. China Labor Watch and the France-based Peuples Solidaires started a campaign pressuring Disney to make changes to the factories and to face the public. This generated an outcome of thousands of letters from the stakeholders to Disney. The China Labor Watch also suspected that the audit system Disney had been
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