Walt Disney : A Visionary And Ethical Leader

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Walt Disney Walt Disney once said, “It’s not the magic that makes it work, it’s the work that makes the magic.” (Capodagli & Jackson, 2007). Walt Disney was truly a visionary and ethical leader that used his talents as a transformational leader and artist to dream up a world that has stood the test of time for nearly 90 years. In this paper I will explain why he was both a visionary and ethical leader. It will show that he used inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation to further his clear and easy to follow vision, inspire his personnel, and leverage their creativity. It will also show why I believe Walt Disney fit into the traits of an ethical leader by valuing his team members and creating an environment of mutual trust and respect. Then I will tell you how I have used the same transformational leadership behaviors to lead my people, have made sure not to fall into an ethical trap and take credit for the work others do. All leaders could learn something from Walt’s visionary leadership.
Visionary Leader Walt Disney was a visionary and transformational leader that used Inspirational Motivation and Intellectual Stimulation and an easy to follow vision that inspired his people to achieve their shared dream of providing the best family entertainment possible. Walt Disney’s vision was clear, simple, and easy to follow. Dream, Believe, Dare, Do. (Capodagli & Jackson, 2007). He spoke so passionately about his dreams that others around him couldn’t help but

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