Disneyland Motivation Statement

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The reason why I am interested in developing a career with Hong Kong Disneyland is that Disneyland is one of the famous theme park in the world. I believe working in Disneyland can broaden my horizon and expand my social network. Most importantly, Hong Kong Disneyland has the passion to become the best theme park. As a newspaper reports, Hong Kong Disneyland will launch an expansion plan, including building new theme areas and new amusement facilities for Marvel Super heroes. With this new theme areas and new amusement facilities, I believe Hong Kong Disneyland will obtain great support in Chinese market. Also, I think Hong Kong Disneyland will become more attractive and famous in the future since the Disneyland company has owned the 21st century fox. By owning the 21st century fox, Disneyland company has the copyright of many new characters, which makes Hong Kong Disneyland able to build more theme areas, such as deadpool's theme area, alien's theme area, or x-men's theme area. With the copyright of the new characters, I believe Hong Kong Disneyland has a broad development space in the future. Therefore, I want to join Hong Kong Disneyland.

Besides that, I want to join disneyland because disneyland is a place where people get "real" smile. Nowadays in many workplaces, you will see that many people working under
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As my resume shows, I had two working experiences. My first job was a waiter in Grand Hyatt Hotel and I had been working in there for a month. By working in Grand Hyatt Hotel for a short period, I learned the skills of getting along with people, especially with the guests. For instance, as a waiter, I need to be confident when I am helping guests to solve problems. Besides that, I also need to keep smiling on duty and being active to help guests. What I had learned makes me fit into the program 2018, which exactly requires the people with good skills of getting along with
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