Disney's Design

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Based on the case study titled Disney Design, we would like sharing how The Walt Disney Company can be so successful in till today in the entire world mainly due to its successful organizational management. Walt Disney was established in the year 1923. As each and everyone know Walt Disney is the 11th world most valuable brand with a market capital net-worth of USD 179.5 billion by May 2015, according to the Forbes Magazine. It was stating from 1923 at California and it is still so popular in movie, TV program, theme parks, resorts and destination, entertainment, and games. The Walt Disney Company is a diversifies worldwide entertainment company with operations in four major business parts which are studio entertainment, parks and resorts,…show more content…
The introduction of new technology ultimately manipulated the management style of a business like Walt Disney. The Walt Disney Company has a network of research laboratories itself which called as “Disney Research”. Its purpose is to pursue scientific, and technological innovation to advance the company's broad media and entertainment efforts. Disney Research draws on a legacy of innovation and technology leadership that continues to this day. In 1923, Walt Disney sold his animated/live-action series the Alice Comedies, founded his eponymous company, and launched a succession of firsts: The first cartoon with fully synchronized sound (1928). The first full-color cartoon (1932). The first animated feature film (1937). The first modern theme park (1955). The Walt Disney Company strives to be innovative and adaptive to meets the need of its consumer at all time. In addition, the advancements in technology also create new platforms for how business can be conducted or how organizations can market their products. For this case, The Walt Disney Company adopted online ticketing system, which allowed customers purchase their tickets through the Internet such as theme park tickets, special event tickets, annual passes and water park tickets. Other than that, Disney also implemented “Magic Band” technology, which allowed customers to touch to enter their Disney Resort hotel room and the Walt Disney World parks (valid park admission
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