Organizational Structure Of Walt Disney Company

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The Walt Disney or simply ”Disney” is an American mass media corporation, it was founded be Walt Disney and his brother Roy o Disney in October 16 1923. It is one of the biggest animation industries with it’s hand in live-action film, television and theme park. The company current name was came in 1986 and expanding in different area’s like theater, radio, music, publishing and online media. It is one of the biggest organization which has many product of it’s different sectors. From television to media to theme park to publishing it has many hands. It is the leader in animation industries. Now it is one of the leading organizations with annual revenue of 45 billion. It was Walt’s understanding that coordinating the talents of the people he hired, and pointing them at the direction of his ultimate goal was his most important job. Walt was an innovative and visionary man that used his animation background to co-found, manage, and set the platform for The Walt Disney Company’s future. Disney has five main …show more content…

The Disney consumer product ,the Disney studio and Disney interactive. It’s globally known consumer brand are Disney, ABC, Pixar, Marvel, ESPN and Lucas films, the media network contains domestic broadcast, production, their station, cable networks, publishing and digital operations. The global entertainment and television properties comes from it’s ABC television group, it also has television station and publishing and radio businesses.ABC creates programming and other benefits for all other businesses. Disney organizational structure has historically designed to carve the creativity and innovation into different platforms. It does not follow formal organizational chart as most companies do. Every department has equal footing and the structure is providing a creative process for Disney’s

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