Distributed Systems

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Geoffrey Banks POS/355 Paul Rouk April 15, 2013 Distributed Systems According to Andrew Tanenbaum “A distributed system is a collection of computers that appear to its users as a single coherent system.” ( Almost every current company uses distributed systems connected to servers and even larger databases. Each of these companies connects their organization and its information through local area networks also connected through server farms managed by administrators. Server side operating systems provide the server or database administrator to manage use on different computers that share information. We use distributed systems to not only make information…show more content…
The only problem with that is that it’s a temporary solution. The objective of business is continual growth. Therefore the system has to evolve and grow with the growth of the organization. Problems like these require quantitative solutions that are implemented meticulously. For instance, your software company is adding a quality assurance section to its database. It runs a server farm that supports a large development and production environment but a relatively small testing environment. Your responsibility is to integrate a new testing environment with new software testing tools and that supports a team of quality assurance testers. That systems growth would be exponential and require a project manager and business analysts to do quantitative research. Your stakeholder will need to know exact numbers of cost and how those implementations would support growth and increased output for the company based on projected growth. Another problem in all information systems is security. The larger the system the more users it supports the more opportunities for malicious intent. Organizations usually spend hundreds of thousands in training employees not to release business intelligence or try to exploit current systems for personal gain. Database administrators have to utilize a database’s database management system to set up privileged access to certain information on specific
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